Genealogy of the Whittlesey-Whittelsey family based upon the 1855 Memorials of the Whittlesey Family, the 1898, 1941 and 1992 Whittelsey/Whittlesey Genealogies along with input from family members.
In addition there is information on the Descendants of Seth Savage of Berlin, Connecticut.
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Ann Augusta Patten
Ann Augusta Patten

Thank you for visiting this website, which is the creation of Willis Savage Whittlesey III (1936-2017) for the purpose of sharing materials saved over a 45 year period relating to his ancestors and many descendants of John Whittelsey, 1623(?)-1704. The scope of these materials seems never ending as more and more searchable records are added to the Internet daily. This website contains materials gathered by Willis, by Charles Barney Whittelsey, the author of the 1898 and 1941 Whittlesey/Whittlesey genealogies and submitted by many, many people over the past 35 years. An additional purpose of this site is to correct mistakes and omissions which occurred in our compilation of the 1992 W-W Genealogy. The size of that book, over 1100 pages with 16,000 plus people indexed makes it inadvisable to reprint that edition. A recent addition to the website is a .pdf (Portable Document File) of the entire book. Because the insertion of corrections and additional persons causes a continuing adjustment of page numbers I am suggesting that users of the data on the site become used to the person numbering system as the best reference for finding individuals and families within the website book found under the "Media" tab on the right hand side of the home page. For web pages for each individual or families, there are various "Search" tabs on the home page; "search" on the left side of the task bar, "Find", "Advanced Search" and "Surname" on the right hand side of the toolbar and "First name" and Last Name" in the upper right hand corner. Information on the website may be downloaded and inserted in your own books if you have purchased one. If you are visiting this site for the first time, have an interest in any of the families contained herein and wish to be a contributor to this site please use the Login feature to obtain a User Name by registering for a New User Account

A Website guide is now available in the form of a "Frequently Asked Questions" series of pages. Please select the following link to display those pages.
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Charles White Whittlesey - Lost Battalion


There are over 250 of the original 1000 copies of the 1992 genealogy available. I have lowered the price from the original $53.00 to $30.00 each including postage. My mailing method is "Media Rate" which takes longer but only costs between $5.00 and $6.00 most times.

If you decide to order a book, please contact me with your lineage connection and I will try to include corrected pages or pages added because of new information, either unavailable at the time of compilation, 1992, or information which extends a family since that time.

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23 January 2018
We are sad to announce the passing of Willis Savage Whittlesey III in October of 2017. His obituary is available online. We will be trying to maintain this website as time allows and our skills in html develop...

This was his last update in 2014: The new look on the home page provides some links to other sections of the website. Additional features will be added periodically as media is uploaded for features such as the Music Vale Cemetery. The random headstone feature above is missing some photos and that is an ongoing effort to make sure the photos to be displayed are available.A newsletter was mailed yesterday and today. If you did not receive a newsletter, please contact me at the email address below and it will be sent as soon as possible. The newsletter may be also read on the website under the Media tab above by selecting 'Newsletters'. The first item to appear after clicking that choice will be the present newsletter. Each of the 'Features' below is selectable by clicking the icon on the left. These features are continually a work in progress. The Music Vale feature is just beginning construction. The Whittlesey Monument needs updating with some new pictures showing the completed renovation. The Charles White Whittlesey choice is the most complete as there is a great deal of media associated with his home page. All of the Newsletters sent in the 1980s and 1990s have been uploaded and will be selectable by year shortly.


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 Whittlesey Monument

 Music Vale - Salem, Connecticut

 Charles White Whittlesey - Lost Battalion

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If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.